DreamMaker 4-Step Process - DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen
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DreamMaker 4-Step Process

Best Practices for Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

DreamMakerNC adheres to best practices in our industry when undertaking a bathroom remodel or kitchen remodel with you. DreamMakerNC has created a 4-step process that we use for all home bathroom remodeling and kitchen renovation jobs. The DreamMaker 4-Step Process ensures that our bath and kitchen remodeling clients are informed every step of the project; understand what the costs will be; and know what the finished remodeled bathroom or renovated kitchen will include.

DreamMaker Kitchen and Bath Design Center

Before we start our process, there’s your personal CONSULTATION
Our process starts with the Initial Consultation at the DreamMaker Design Center. DreamMaker is committed to ensuring that our clients explore all the available bathroom and kitchen remodeling options open to them.

DreamMaker Kitchen and Bath Design Center
DreamMaker Kitchen and Bath Design Center
DreamMaker Kitchen and Bath Design Center
DreamMaker Kitchen and Bath Design Center

The 4 Steps in the DreamMaker Process


We then move to Design, where DreamMaker staff visit your home to view your bathroom and/or kitchen remodeling job to build a solid, computer-assisted and accurate design for you. [more]


The next step is Preparation, where your custom kitchen or bathroom remodeling design is finalized. [more]


Then we move to the next step, Production, or the actual construction in your soon-to-be renovated bathroom and/or kitchen. [more]


Our final step, Completion, is how DreamMaker is certain that the kitchen remodel or bathroom renovation is complete and our clients are assured they understand our Warranty Program. [more]

Step 1 – Consultation at the DreamMaker Design Center

Bath and Kitchen Remodeling Winston-Salem NCWe ask our clients to come to our Design Center for our first meeting. The DreamMaker Design Center is where you can view, touch and compare the items that will be used in your bathroom renovation or kitchen remodel. Anderson-Moore and DreamMaker are committed to ensuring that our clients explore all the available bathroom and kitchen remodeling options open to them, so come explore with DreamMaker!

Visiting the DreamMaker Design Center encourages you to:

  • Explore the many options available to you by walking through our Design Center (Start dreaming!)
  • Meet the people who would be working on your project
  • Get a better feel for how the entire remodeling or redesign process works for your bathroom or kitchen
  • Get to know the DreamMaker staff and build a solid working relationship built on trust that will result in your redesign project being everything you’ve dreamed!

Step 2 – Preparation

Construction begins only after DreamMaker – and you – are fully prepared for your kitchen renovation or bath remodeling project.

Consultation at the DreamMaker Design CenterConsulting and designing your project are crucial steps for a quality bath renovation or kitchen remodel. At DreamMaker, we take all the information gathered in your visit to our Design Center and all measurements discussions we had visiting your kitchen or bath renovation project at your home before we move forward with a final plan to make your dream kitchen or bath come true!

At DreamMaker, we use the latest software to ensure that your kitchen, bath or larger home remodeling is exactly what you envisioned!

What DreamMaker will prepare for your kitchen renovation or bathroom remodeling project:

  • We will review and finalize your design and product selections and provide a list for you to review so you are aware of everything that is included in your new dream kitchen or bathroom.
  • We will develop a lump sum price for your project using our industry specific estimating software. Our software assures DreamMaker and you, our client, of all the bath and kitchen appliances, tools, fixtures and more are properly ordered and are included in the total charge for your kitchen or bath remodeling project. We don’t like surprises that impact your costs, and neither should you!
  • We will sign the construction contract to begin scheduling your project. When the contract is signed, your bath remodel or kitchen renovation is ready-to-go!

Step 3 – Production

Production – Meet Our Team and Approve the Schedule

DreamMaker ProductionOnce you have visited the Design Center, viewed and approved the design for your kitchen or bath renovation, and you are fully prepared for your remodeling project, the DreamMaker team will have a pre-construction meeting with you to ensure that you know the schedule, team members and how progress will be measured on your kitchen remodeling or bath renovation project.

The DreamMaker Team will review with you the:

  • Design and product specifications
  • Bath or Kitchen Remodelling Project schedule
  • Introduce the DreamMaker production team
  • Schedule weekly progress meetings with you and DreamMaker staff.

Everything is now in place for a successful bath or kitchen renovation project that will lead us to Project Completion.

Step 4 – Completion

The project is not complete until you approve the DreamMaker work.

When your project is complete, the DreamMaker team will ensure that you are satisfied with the project and understand the warranty and your warranty options.

The DreamMaker team will:

  • Walk you through the Punchlist so that you are assured every detail of the kitchen renovation or bath remodeling has been addressed.
  • Perform a final Walk-Through with you to review the project, any punchlist items, answer any questions you have and make sure you are satisfied.
  • DreamMaker staff will explain the Warranty Program to you and make sure you have a copy of the paperwork.
  • Be sure to ask us about the Longest One-Year Warranty in the Business to keep your new bathroom or new kitchen in tip-top shape so you can enjoy it for a very long time!